Indian Spices Company

           Established in 2008, Indian Spices Company natures the vision of healthy living by healthy eating. Currently all products are sold under the brand name “Master’s Choice”. ISC plans to make the brand name, a name which would be synonymous to the quality and purity of the products which are on offer.

           Currently ISC offers grounded spices made from premium quality whole seeds chosen by experience. Turmeric (Haldi), Chilli (Mirchi), Coriander (Dhania) and Cumin (Jeera) are presently under production and offered to the consumers. The production cycle from the whole seeds to the grounded powder are done with the best and utmost care involving the best available machinery and skilled man-power. Keeping in mind the promise made to each and every consumer, we take special care of the cleanliness of our product.

           ISC plans to diversify its portfolio of products on offer from time to time. These would include products other than those which are currently on offer. Apart from the basic non-mix spices we will introduce mix masala packs which would compensate the need of using separate individual spices. Plans are also underway to introduce non-spices products in the future which will include beverages, bakery and confectionary items. Looking at the current trend of consumption pattern of the consumers and the scarcity of time at hand for the preparation of food we would introduce products which will be easy to use and save precious time to involve one-self in other day to day activities.
           ISC is aware of the environmental threats posed by various industries and is committed to negate such adversities with environmental friendly production processes and use of those materials which would have less detrimental effect on the environment.


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